The TROUFA Concept

    As soon as you walk into a TROUFA BREAD & CHOCOLATE store, all your senses are stimulated at once. You smell fresh baked pastries that create the same nostalgic warmth they did when you where young. You see colors that ignite your imagination and awaken the need to discover. Curiosity takes over, you hear sounds that immediately associate with relaxation; espresso beans grinding, steam gushing into latte kettles, soft music, laughter, coffee cups being set on their plates. Come in and sit down if you have the time.

    We save the immediate senses for last, when whatever delicacy you have selected that moment settles on your tongue and touches the roof of your mouth, when you are surprised by the texture of fresh ingredients that are put together in a way that they don’t lose their definition. Finally, you get to taste, and that is when you know, to the very core of your heart and mind, what we are all about.

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